Born and raised in Paris my cooking journey started when I was just a young boy at the age of 15, where I attended Ceproc culinary school. While in culinary school I began working as a chef at Aux Délices de Maxime. After spending two years at Aux Délices de Maxime as a chef I began working at The Mamas Shelter. Spending four years here I slowly made my way up to head chef. At the age of 21 I decided to move to America and pursue The American Dream. The journey to accomplish this dream of mine began at Shilohs Steakhouse and continued on to Charcoal Bar and Grill. While working at both Shilohs and Charcoal I catered private more intimate gatherings on my own to broaden my understandings and expressed my passion of cooking. Ultimately allowing me to persue the American Dream and open my own restaurant,
Aaron's Kitchen.